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The Beckingham Group respects and seeks to protect the privacy of all visitors to this website. The following Internet Privacy Policy (“this Policy”) explains how The Beckingham Group treats data collected and received both from its customers (that is, its Participants and Subscribers) and from other visitors to this website.

The Beckingham Group collects personal data from a customer when the customer registers for The Beckingham Group services. These data include, but are not limited to, the customer’s name, address, email address and telephone number. In addition, The Beckingham Group collects the personal data of potential purchasers of properties listed on the multiple listing services and of other indirect recipients of The Beckingham Group services when a customer voluntarily submits those data to it. These data include, but are not limited to, the name, address, email address and telephone number of such prospects and other indirect recipients of The Beckingham Group services.

When a customer files a listing in The Beckingham Group multiple listing services, The Beckingham Group collects property listing data. These data include, but are not limited to, images of the listed property.

The Beckingham Group does not collect personal or other data of any kind from casual visitors to the Beckingham Group web site, except such data as a visitor may elect to provide through the website when reporting either a listing that is erroneously omitted from the multiple listing services or an existing listing that the visitor believes violates The Beckingham Group’s Rules and Regulations.

The Beckingham Group does NOT share a customer’s personal data with other customers and does NOT share a customer’s personal data with, or transfer it to, any other third persons or entities, except that (a) The Beckingham Group may include a customer’s email address in any form, format or medium in which The Beckingham Group from time to time collects and/or disseminates to its customers the property listing data, information, images and/or tax information that constitute the The Beckingham Group listing database and (b) The Beckingham Group may share its customers’ names, contact telephone numbers and email addresses with, or transfer them to, a third party that provides an The Beckingham Group approved product or service to The Beckingham Group’s customers. The Beckingham Group will provide customers’ email addresses to such a third party only if the product or service, as approved, cannot function without those email addresses and only if the email addresses are used by the third party solely to assure that function.

The Beckingham Group does NOT share with, or transfer to, any third persons or entities the personal data of potential purchasers of properties listed in the multiple listing service or of other indirect recipients of The Beckingham Group services, nor does it share or transfer the personal data of a casual visitor voluntarily filing a complaint or reporting a listing violation. The Beckingham Group may make available to the media and other interested parties statistical aggregations or analyses of the property listing data in The Beckingham Group database. These aggregations and analyses will not disclose the details of individual property listings or transactions, will not contain the characteristics of individually listed properties and will not include the personal data of the owners, prospective purchasers or any agents involved in the listing or sale of a listed property.

The Beckingham Group reserves the right to use or disclose any data or information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request or to cooperate in any law enforcement investigation or an investigation on a matter of public safety.

When a customer submits property listing data to The Beckingham Group, including but not limited to images, those data and images become part of the compilation that is The Beckingham Group listing database. All right, title, and interest in and to each and every manifestation of that compilation, and in and to The Beckingham Group’s copyrights therein, remain at all times vested in The Beckingham Group. By submitting a property listing to The Beckingham Group, a customer, through its Participant, represents and warrants that the Participant, without the necessity of any further consent or approval, has been authorized to grant, and does grant, authority to The Beckingham Group to include both the property listing data and all related images in the The Beckingham Group database compilation and in any manifestation of that compilation and to use the listing data and images for such other purposes as The Beckingham Group from time to time shall determine. Ownership of The Beckingham Group’s database compilation and the limits on its customers’ permitted use of the database compilation are governed by The Beckingham Group Rules and Regulations.

“Cookies” are small data files stored on a computer’s hard drive containing information about the computer and its user. Some The Beckingham Group web services may set and access cookies during the use of those web services in order to provide a more customized user experience.

The Beckingham Group may offer links to websites that it does not operate. If a visitor links to one of these sites from The Beckingham Group website, please be aware that The Beckingham Group is not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies. Before linking to another company’s website, a visitor to The Beckingham Group website should always review the privacy and other policies of the other company and become familiar with its practices.

From time to time, it may be necessary for The Beckingham Group to change this Policy. The Beckingham Group reserves the right at its discretion to modify this Policy at any time, without prior or other notice.

A visitor to this website has the right to control any personal data that the visitor provides to The Beckingham Group online. If at any time a visitor wishes to modify or correct that personal data, to ask a question about this Policy or to register a complaint about this Policy, the visitor can contact The Beckingham Group at the following email or postal address:

The Beckingham Group

Attention: AGENT IMAGE
Los Angeles Office 1700 E.
Walnut Avenue, Suite 400,
El Segundo, CA 90245